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I have always been into fitness and love the outdoors. I have been a member of a gym since I was eighteen years old and love weights, also Zumba aerobics, anything energetic. Also swimming and running, in the past I have run two marathons.
Whilst a student in London I was a member of Pineapple Dance Studio in Covent Garden from it first opening, plus a gym member in various places depending on where I was living. I can honestly say I have spent more time at the gym than anywhere else over the years and it has kept me sane. I have met most of my long-standing friends at the gym.


I love all dogs. I have had three Westies and now have three Pomeranians called Brodie, Heston and Little June. I cannot imagine life without a dog. They are family, companions and full of love and enhance your life.


Psychotherapy and psychology have always been an interest both professionally and personally. Part of my Social Science degree was in psychology, I have also studied various psychotherapy theory. This will be evident in my novels.

Acrylic painting

I have been painting for over twelve years, wildlife, dogs, outdoor views, occasional flowers and trees. I exhibit my work, at Goose Green Art Gallery in Altrincham and I have a Facebook page, Julie Conrad art and cards.


For the past few years I have become a keen gardener, growing tomatoes, leaves and of course flowers. My favourite flower is the tall stemmed orange tulips, El Nino. Lasting love, a deep claret colour and tall stemmed pink and white tulips with a lace edging. I adore these three tulips, especially the glorious orange El Nino’s. I grow them every year.

TV drama

We watch a lot of foreign drama. Breaking Bad was addictive and without doubt, the Sopranos was my all-time favourite, I was bereft when it ended. Music is part of everyone’s life, I have eclectic taste.


I of course enjoy reading. I love gangland novels, Martina Cole, The Long Firm. Also, books based on fact, such as A Very English Scandal about Jeremy Thorpe. Novels set in the Victorian era.

I like to look for new authors on Amazon, rather than rely on the limited, predictable, choice found on the shelf of a bookstore.



Here are some of my recent photos of my dogs, flowers and paintings

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Interview on Radio Alty 02/08/21 with Rod Maxwell

  • 12:31, 7 JUN 2021
Monday, 12th July 2021, 4:45 am

Interview on Radio Alty  with Rod Maxwell about the publication of JUSTICE