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Unlocking the Manuscripts: A Journey of Transformation


In 1990 I wrote a draft manuscript of High Places and Demons. These were put in a box, where they remained for thirty years.

At the beginning of lockdown 2019 I decided to use this opportunity to rework the manuscripts and self-publish them on Amazon. High Places was received well and readers wanted to know what became of Magda Rainford, so I wrote a sequel entitled Justice. Followed by the Sarah Jane Raymond trilogy.

The creative process is amazing, I never plot or plan my novel, instead, I think of an interesting character and scenario and start typing. The characters develop a personality and have both an outer and inner world. Having studied sociology and psychology I find a person’s inner world fascinating.

If you want to know more about the books, please click on the images below where a link will take you to Amazon. Contact me directly if you have any comment.

A big thank you to my readership for your reviews and feedback these past few years.

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My books are also available from local bookshops and galleries such as the fantastic Goose Green Art Gallery in Altrincham

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